YUAR is Yuri Poisik and Arina Popova, a dynamic indie-pop duo merging elements of electronic, classical, rock and dance music. Formed in Moscow in 2011 the band has a large following with performances in Russia as well as a strong involvement in major cinematic and television soundtrack production. Looking for new inspiration they relocated to Tel Aviv’s bustling music scene where Arina made a powerful debut participated in the local edition of the show The Voice, where she was praised for her colorful entrance and thrilling performances. The couple are also known for their work outside of the YUAR framework. Arina has conquered the hearts of Russian audiences during over a decade performing with Russia’s folk and rock acts. Yury has arranged songs and played guitar with several acts. Their previous outfit RMF Band released a full length LP on the Ministry Of Sound label. YUAR’s upcoming release ‘Signal’ is characterized by vivid imagery and bright melodies with Arina’s vocals proving to be both powerful and sensual. The resulting 5 track EP showcases an elegant yet eclectic sound that does not follow convenient guidelines.


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